Asure Software Opens A New Headquarters In Austin

Asure Software is planning to open a new headquarters in the Austin, Texas area. They are a worldwide provider of workplace Management Solutions in human Capital Management solutions. The new office is set to open this month. They're calling this the office of the future and it is going to showcase their WorkForce and WorkSpace Solutions. These solutions are designed to support a more modern and digital workplace. The grand opening event was held on November 2nd at their new office location in Austin. On top of the ability for their guests to join in on the ribbon-cutting ceremony, they will be able to network with their peers, demo many of Asure's products and tour their visionary space with all of their unique products to try out.

New Vision In WorkSpace Ideas

The new office is a living showcase of how well their solutions can offer support to offices of a more digital and modern arena. With this new space, the company is not just talking about the possibilities that a modern work space has, they have created it. The team at Asure Software is very excited to be able to put to use their own technology and see the impact of how their products are with regards to efficiency within their business. This is important because it can easily show where improvements can be made and implemented. It allows for the continuous opportunity to improve their client's experience while they continue to modernize their suite.

The client and the prospects of the company will have the ability to see the company's WorkSpace and WorkForce Solutions being put to use in a real setting. This will help foster engagement, collaboration and productivity within the environment. It is a must-visit destination for any company that is interested in creating a more digital and modern work space for their employees. Anyone who is interested in a visit to the new office headquarters of Asure can visit their website to set schedule it.

Who Is Asure Software?

Asure Software is a company that offers intuitive and innovative software solutions to companies and organizations of all different complexities and sizes who are wanting to move their work spaces into the future. Their cloud-based platforms are able to enable over 80,000 clients around the world by offering a better way to manage their spaces, employees and customers. This can be done in a digital, mobile, global and multi-generational workplace. The company's software offers an HCM platform that is fully-integrated. It offers compliance administration and flexible work space benefits, labor and time management, HR consulting and a full suite of other office management solutions that businesses can use to do such tasks as schedule conference room meetings, set desk sharing schedules and optimization for real estate.

Other Benefits Of Using Asure Software In Office Settings

There are many benefits of using Asure's software from their new office setting. They offer pain-free office to office moving while using the software platforms. If you have a business that you worry about moving from department to department or from building to building, the move can be stress-free when using their technology. With their SmartMove software, a business can record their schedules for future use and move records on-demand whenever necessary.

Another benefit of using Asure software is that they offer scenario planning capabilities. The scenario planning and sandboxing functions allow businesses to review and create many moving options that are available before completing the actual move. The ability to do this can offer a worry-free moving day. The SmartMove software also allows for the ability to assign records such as entitlements, job titles, organization units and much more while offering updated vacancy, occupancy and space allocation data. One last benefit that you can get from using the SmartMove software is the ability to display floor plans while filtering and highlighting specific options in different table-style formats. This allows for the viewing and exporting of various scenarios on any device to further analyze or present to the company or clients.

Search For The New CFO Of Asure

Back in July, the company began to look for a new CFO after their current one resigned. Brad Wolfe decided to depart from the company and return to his previous one. He left Asure on good terms to return to the private equity firm called DCI Group. He said he really enjoyed his time with Asure and it was both mentally and financially rewarding for him. He left wanting to take some of his money off the table and felt that July was a good time for him to step away and start his new position at his old company. The CEO of Asure, Patrick Goepel, will handle all of the CFO duties until a new one is hired or promoted from within. The company fully expects to hire someone and finish the search for their new CFO in the very near future. Before Wolfe had joined the Asure team, he had spent 14 years with his previous company where he had assumed a lot of different roles at the company's portfolio and subsidiary companies. He had earned almost $244,000 in 2016, according to a recent SEC filing report.