Title Loans in Seguin, TX

Most consumers find budgeting a challenge at some point in their lives. It's never easy to ensure that bills are paid off properly each and every month. Challenges and surprises come up that set us off track. Life is much easier for those who have a solution available when they're short on cash in a given month. For those with poor credit who cannot access traditional loans, the problem is even more severe. Fortunately, a consumer who owns a vehicle can use that vehicle as collateral on a secured Austin title loan.

Title loans in Seguin and how they work

Getting started with title loans is about filling out the application. A short application is required of all prospective borrowers, but it does not require a great deal of information and can be filled out very quickly. It can also be filled out and sent in to the lender through the Internet, so the applicant doesn't have to visit any office or interview in person in order to apply.

A key detail that needs to be provided on the application is what vehicle the prospective borrower will be providing as collateral for the loan. The lender will have to have some idea of the approximate value of the vehicle. In order to figure that out, the application will ask for the make, model, and mileage of the vehicle.

The application can typically be filled out within only a few minutes. It can then be submitted. All applications are looked at quickly and the applicant is not left wondering very long on the outcome. A response will quickly come back to the applicant. In many cases, a loan offer is possible. When a loan offer is sent back to the would-be borrower, it will include important details like the dollar amount of the loan and how much the interest charges can be.

At this time, the applicant can decide that the loan agreement is acceptable and hand over the title to the lender. Then, the lender will send the loan funds to the borrower. Finally, payments will begin and the borrower will make payments until the entire loan amount plus any interest has been paid back. After this, the title will be given back to the borrower and the loan process is complete.

The state of Texas and title loans in Seguin

Any consumer who is pursuing title loans in Seguin should know how laws in Texas impact the loans that are available in their area. Title loans are regulated on the state level.

In the state of Texas, the loan amount for title loans in Seguin is not limited by state law in any way. On the other hand, laws in the state are in existence that limit the interest rate that is permissible on these loans. The interest rate limit is 10 percent. It's also important to know that the loan term is limited to 180 days.

Additional factors of note

  • Secured vs. unsecured- A secured loan requires collateral. In this case, the collateral is the vehicle. However, with title loans in Seguin the borrower only has to hand over the title and not the actual vehicle during the repayment period.
  • Other alternative loan products- A title loan is distinct from other alternative lending products like payday loans in that it uses a vehicle as collateral.
  • Vehicle title liens- A lien on a title does not necessarily disqualify the applicant if he or she has equity.
  • Repayment flexibility- Lenders work with borrowers regarding repayment.